Jay Sean claims he parted ways with his former record label because they tried to turn him into the next James Blunt.

The rapper has since set up his own music label, Jayded, and is enjoying success in the USA as well as remaining popular in Europe.

The 30-year-old said he managed to succeed by knuckling down and touring small venues across the globe in over 100 cities.

“They wanted to turn me into James Blunt, basically,” he told British newspaper The Times when asked about his former management at Virgin Records.

“There are some artists who don’t want to go from playing arenas and stadiums to playing dive bars. I don’t blame them. But I wanted to do that. I am all about stepping outside my comfort zone. I don’t want to believe the hype. I keep pushing myself.”

Having successfully launched his own record company, the British star revealed he would like to have a go at acting.
Jay is currently planning to move from Manhattan to Los Angeles and is confident he can crack Hollywood.

“For me I want to be at the centre of where it’s all at, and make that move into film and TV,” he said. “I have been doing music for nine years. I think I have earned the right to step out a little bit and see what else I can do. I’m an entertainer as well as a singer.”

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