Nicki Minaj “bonded” with Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards.

The American rapper and Ashton Kutcher presented the Twilight star with the award for Best Female Performance at the prestigious award ceremony last night.

Nicki, who is famed for her fashion-forward attire, revealed that she bonded with the popular actress over a footwear-related issue.

"[Kristen] had shoes on that didn't hurt her feet. And she didn't care that they looked really kind of crusty. But I did too! I had my Uggs on backstage,” she revealed. "So that made me bond with her. She's cute."

The hit vampire franchise was a big winner at the popular movie awards event in Los Angeles. It picked up five gongs, including Kristen’s award for Best Female Performance and Best Kiss.

Nicki has revealed she didn’t feel nervous before presenting the coveted award. The 26-year-old star says she found her appearance at the event to be fun, rather than pressured.

"I wasn't nervous at all today — for one of the only times I can remember," she said. "This was fun!"

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