Pixie Lott likes British fashion best.

The Brit songstress is famed for her quirky style, and is currently working on her third collaboration with glam clothing brand Lipsy.

The 20-year-old says although American fashion is very glam, she prefers the more edgier, casual look that her native girls sport.

“L.A. girls have a different sense of style. They look glam and groomed all the time. But I prefer British fashion. It’s much more individual, very cool and we’re great at being kooky and fun!” she said in an interview with Closer magazine.

The British singer says America is best for shopping however, as the clothes are cheaper. Pixie loves shopping in boutiques in London but sometimes the pieces are too expensive.

“There are lots of boutiques in London, but the bargains are in America. Brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s are cheaper over there,” she revealed.

Pixie says she can’t live without accessories and relies on them to constantly update her look. The blonde beauty has also revealed her fashion “guilty pleasure”.

“Jewellery,” she said when asked what her must-have item is. “I wear rings every day, on all my fingers, and layer loads of necklaces. And UGG boots are my guilty pleasure.”

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