The 41-year-old has already excelled in the realms of singing and acting, and her latest venture is creating a fashion range for HSN (Home Shopping Network).

The stunning star, born Dana Elaine Owens, is thrilled with the project, especially because she’s wanted to break into fashion for many years and is pleased to say her line caters for women of all sizes.

“I’m so excited about it,” she told People. “This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I’ve been offered a lot of deals for clothing lines and actually started one that didn’t quite get off the ground but this is like a full circle moment for me. This is a young 14-year old, 17-year old and 22-year old Dana trying to go shopping and actually finding the things she wants to wear or going on HSN and ordering the clothes she likes because they’re there and they are in her size. This has been a bit of a journey and it’s a really exciting venture.”

The range, titled The Queen Collection, will launch this August and feature clothing and accessories for women in sizes 2 – 24. The star is especially pleased with some of the leather handbags which appear in the line, as she has a penchant for bags.

“I have a bag fetish,” she laughed. “I’ll have on sweatpants and a $3000 purse. I don’t deny myself, bags are the one thing I’ll allow myself to splurge on.”

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