Queen Latifah could relate to Dolly Parton when she was growing up because they both had “really huge breasts”.

The ‘Chicago’ star has just finished filming new movie ‘Joyful Noise’ with the curvy country singer and says it was a dream come true to work with Dolly because she’s always been a fan.

She is quoted by the USA Today newspaper as saying: “She's not arrogant. She's so humble. She's so cool. She's fly. She's someone who I looked up to as a kid.

"She has really huge breasts and I did, too. I felt like, 'OK, I can relate to that.' She wore them with pride. You never catch her slipping. The heels are there. The wig is right."

As well as being a fan of her attitude and looks, Latifah, 41, was also impressed with 65-year-old Dolly’s culinary skills.

She revealed: "She'll come to work and bring you fudge she made at home. She made me these chicken and dumplings – I almost hurt myself. Dolly Parton is a Southern woman, by all means. She will get in the kitchen, with the apron, and hook a meal up. She knows how to hook a meal up and I know how to eat one, so we had no problems. It was really great."

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