Pixie Lott gets "star struck" when she sees girls wearing pieces from her fashion line.

The British songstress is famed for her quirky style, and is currently working on her third collaboration with glam clothing brand Lipsy.

The 20-year-old says she always feels liberated when she spots girls wearing her designs and has even, on occasion, accosted girls on the street who are draped in her designer wear.

"I can’t believe it - it’s almost like being star struck. I’ve stopped a couple of girls and taken their picture," she told UK magazine Look. "Going through the design process, seeing the clothes come to life, then having women walk around in them. I love it!"

Pixie says she wears what is right for her. The blonde beauty says she won’t wear a piece of clothing just because it has a designer label.

"I dress to make myself happy and whatever I’m comfortable in makes me happy. If an outfit’s by a top designer and I don’t feel at ease, I won’t wear it," she said.

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