Parliament-Funkadelic leader George Clinton has been admitted to a hospital for treatment of a staph infection in his leg.

The singer was at the hospital for a routine exam when doctors became concerned with the leg, opting to have Clinton admitted so that it could be better treated.

A spokesman for Clinton has downplayed the seriousness of the situation, saying that "He will be just fine. Thank you for all your prayers and concerns."

Around 10 PM Thursday night, Bootsy Collins went on his Facebook page to declare "Funk ALERT, Funk ALERT! I just got off the phone with our Capitain of the Mothership, I must say that your love vibes and prayer's are workin'. Our Capitain is a Warrior, and want to take it straight to the people from where it came and some parts of the system don't like how the funk endures. Funkateers together we stand, devided we fail! Medi-Really-Don't-Care, so we have too. Hold him up yall! Bootsy!!!"

We're relatively sure that means that Clinton is on the mend but, still, it is doubtful whether George will be able to make it to the B.O.M.B. Festival in Hartford, CT where he is scheduled to perform this weekend.

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