Queen Latifah would love to raise a family on a yacht.

The 41-year-old star would love to have kids, but the time hasn’t been quite right yet. Last year she revealed she was hoping to adopt a child from Haiti following the devastating earthquake there, although she knew the plan would take time. It’s unknown whether she pursued that route, but she has admitted feeling ready for motherhood.

“A farm. A yacht. An island,” she replied, when asked if she’d like to raise kids on a farm. “I'm kind of raised in Virginia and Maryland, too, so farm is in my blood. Fresh produce in the spring.

“I won't be the first person who's had a career and had a family. When that happens, it will happen organically, and my business will have to adjust to my personal life. I'm not going to stop life for business. My life, my family, my friends - those things are much more important than business.”

The actress-and-singer is amazed by her life right now. She is busier than she has ever been thanks to having so many different businesses she’s invested in. Queen Latifah has a new clothing line out this year and a set of hair extensions. She’s also been laying down tracks for a new album, has made a movie with Dolly Parton and is one of the stars of new TV show Single Ladies.

As if all that wasn’t surprising enough, she also admits she’d actually planned to stop work last year.

“I originally intended on retiring at 40. Here I am beginning all these new ventures at 41. It's a renewed vigour,” she laughed to USA Today. “I'm just really optimistic about what we're doing. The irons in the fire will pay later, but they require the dedication now.”