Joey Armstrong, son of Green Day’s Billie Joe, has joined the family business and puts out his first punk rock album.

Spin reports that Billie Joe Armstrong’s 16-year-old son Joey joined his buddies’ bratty punk band called Emily’s Army.

Joey is on the drums and the band is named after singer Cole Becker’s teenage cousin Emily, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 1998.

Cole’s brother Max and Travis Neumann round out the band on bass and guitar respectively, and these baby-faced punks already have an album finished.

It kinda helps the DIY aesthetic when your dad is Billie Joe Armstrong. He produced the album, titled Don’t Be A Dick, and is releasing it on his own Adeline label on June 14.

The fourteen track album is “well played, has great hooks and is catchy as hell” according to Billie Joe.

That it also sounds much like Green Day’s nyah-nyah pop-punk is little surprise.

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