Jermaine Jackson is plans to defend his megastar brother in a new memoir.

Jackson announced on twitter that the book on the King Of Pop, titled You Are Not Alone, will be released a month early.

The release date was originally October 13 but this date clashed with the involuntary manslaughter trial of Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray and Jermaine tweeted “I wasn't having the book published during proceedings...”

Jermaine then offered a series of tweets about what he hopes to achieve with the “memoir on Michael”.

“This memoir will now stand as a testimony to the real Michael & his true character, reminding the world who he was, moving forward”.

He also stipulated the “obvious consequence of book's new timing: it won't cover trial/evidence. but it will defend Michael's memory first & foremost with the truth”.

And Jermaine asserted that “this book's primary aim is to share memories that celebrate my brother as a human not a media caricature #mythbusting”.

You Are Not Alone will be released on September 13 in the UK and the US.

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