With great fame comes the world’s dumbest rumours, but YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has taken to twitter to denounce rumours of her pregnancy.

“I thought it was May 15th...not April Fools Day. I'm absolutely NOT pregnant,” the 13-year-old said via @MsRebeccaBlack.

Reports suggest that the rumour first surfaced when CNN site iReport.cnn.com - a site where citizens report the news - published a photo of Black holding a sign announcing her pregnancy, although they appear to have removed the post now.

The official song’s YouTube entry has disabled comments, probably due to the ubiquitous negativity directed at the tween. Hell, I was even pretty mean myself, I admit it! The video currently has a staggering 141,750,191 views.

Here’s a little bit of an unofficial chart of randomly selected songs based on YouTube viewings:

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) - 334,248,406 views (since August 5, 2010)
Rihanna - What’s My Name? (feat. Drake) - 169,963,531 views (since November 12, 2010)
Rebecca Black - Friday - 141,750,191 views (since February 10, 2011)
Lady Gaga - Born This Way - 49,973,768 views (since Feb 27, 2011)
Kanye West - All Of The Lights (feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi) - 35,534,774 views (since Feb 18, 2011)
Dramatic Chipmunk - 28,882,021 views (since June 19, 2007)
Ke$ha - We R Who We R - 23,356,896 views (since December 1, 2010)
Lonely Island (feat. T-Pain) - I’m On A Boat - 17,550,128 views (since June 16, 2009)
GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!! - 17,216,089 views (since January 14, 2010)
Sneezing Panda - 2,530,483 views (since March 8, 2009)
This rigorous scientific study suggests that Rebecca Black is approximately 56 times as famous as the sneezing panda, 9 times as famous as the ginger Christian kid, 3 times as famous as Lady Gaga, but not quite as famous as Rihanna. This rigorous study also proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if you want to be more famous that Rebecca Black, you either have to be Rihanna, or get Rihanna to sing on your song, unless you’re Kanye West, in which case you probably didn’t let Rihanna finish.

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