The 'Don't Hold Your Breath' hitmaker – who has now launched a successful solo career following the disbandment of the girl group – explained while she enjoyed having her "entourage" alongside her, she thinks going it alone is "a lot more relaxed".

She said: "Before it was like I had my entourage with me, my girl gang – and now it's just me. On stage I was definitely more like a character, like we were all little superhero dolls and I was like Queen Doll.

"With five girls in a group there's always a lot of things involved. When it's just you, you've only got a couple of people around you and it's a lot more relaxed.

"I'm in touch with a few of them. We grew up so much together, that's always going to be a sisterhood. I couldn't be in a group with anyone else."

Despite the band's raunchy lyrics and dance routines, Nicole – who is dating Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton – thinks the Pussycat Dolls were "excellent role models" to young girls.

She told Britain's Glamour magazine: "I watch videos today and every artist is wearing fewer clothes than we were! I think we were excellent role models. We kept it sassy and clean.

"We were well-behaved girls with no crazy stuff going on, really down to earth with good morals."

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