Katy Perry covers ‘Friday’ in Melbourne and Miley Cyrus covers ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in Ecuador.

What fresh hell is this? Katy Perry slipped a brief, acoustic cover of Rebecca Black’s meme-sidious song ‘Friday’ during her Melbourne concert.

She was backed by two guitarists who turned ‘Friday’ into a heartfelt lament.

Check out a close-up handycam video of her effort below.

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, Disney superstar Miley Cyrus invoked the spirit of teens everywhere (and of the ‘Justin Bieber Of The ‘90s’) by covering Nirvana’s breakthrough classic.

She rocked it onstage in Ecuador, ploughing through the whole thing with a sneer and sounding disturbingly like Courtney Love.

See if you can handle the raw power below.

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