If Roy Orbison had lived, he would have turned 75 today.

In a life that was marred by multiple major tragedies (death of his first wife in a motorcycle accident, death of two sons in a house fire), he managed to write and record some of the most beautiful and iconic songs of the rock era.

In celebration of Orbison's birthday and career, Billboard.com calculated his top ten songs based on their performance on the Hot 100 with adjustments for changes in record turnover rates over the years.

1.Oh Pretty Woman (1964/#1)
2.Only the Lonely (1962/#2)
3.Crying (1961/#2)
4.Running Scared (1961/#1)
5.Mean Woman Blues (1963/#5)
6.In Dreams (1963/#7)
7.Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) (1962/#4)
8.You Got It (1989/#9)
9.It's Over (1964/#9)
10.Blue Angel (1960/#9)

Happy Easter buddy!

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