Paul Rodgers has had an amazing career as the frontman for Free, Bad Company and, most recently, Queen, but he just learned that he was up for one other group. One that could have changed the course of his life.

It seems that, back in 1971, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore were interested in bringing Rodgers in to replace the late Jim Morrison in the Doors.

Rodgers told Uncut magazine "I discovered quite recently that I was lined up to join The Doors, which blew my mind. Robby Krieger told me that The Doors were all fans of Free and after Jim Morrison’s death; they came to England looking for me. [The] thing is, at that time, I had buried myself in the country, working on things, and they couldn’t get a hold of me."

Paul went on to say that he most likely wouldn't have joined, preferring at that time to be at the formative stages of a group, but he was certainly flattered to hear that there was interest.

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