British trip-hop project UNKLE delivers a mini-album featuring Nick Cave, Ian Astbury and more guests.

The mini-album is a six-track, over-thirty-minute, all-new effort called Only The Lonely, to be released this week.

It features guest vocals from Nick Cave, Ian Astbury of The Cult, Leila Moss of The Duke Spirit, Rachel Fannan of Sleepy Sun and long-time UNKLE collaborator Gavin Clark.

Nick Cave spoke about his effort on the lead single ‘Money And Run’, revealing, “I always had a huge soft spot for UNKLE - their pop sensibilities, their hooks, big choruses, their super-treated production - so when they sent me some music to sing over I jumped at the chance.

“The song they sent was great too - something wonderfully dense about it, like T Rex's ‘Metal Guru’ or something. I wrote a lyric - something desperate sounding to run counterpoint to the joyful racket of the music. It's a fucking hit.”

They’re also releasing an extended version of their 2010 album Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out with the mini-album bunged on as well as more exclusive and rare recordings, and selections from their ‘The Answer’ EP from last year.

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