The former Beatles star met with 17-year-old Alexx Kipp – who also suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome – at the Los Angeles’ Hard Rock Cafe as part of a new partnership between the restaurant chain and the Make-A–Wish Foundation last week and gave Alexx a black and white set of Ludwig drums, before playing on the kit with him.

Alexx - who has been playing drums since he was eight – had wanted to meet Ringo for several years, and last year his family approached the charity to try and grant him his wish.

His father Charles Kipp said: “Alexx came to me one morning and he said, ‘Dad, I had a dream last night and I met Ringo.’

“This was before we knew it was going to happen. About a week later we got the call. I told him, ‘It looks like your dream came true.’ ”

Alexx’s next goal is to learn the Beatles hit ‘I Am The Walrus’ and he was given some advice by Ringo.

According to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Ringo told him: “I get the easy bit. I come, I say hi, we hang out, we have a bit of fun.

“In the band I was in, we knew when we’d done the take, because it just feels good. It’s like golf: When you hit that ball right, you know. You feel it - you feel the connection. And connecting is good.”

The musical legend also spoke about his ongoing involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation – who accept requests from children with life-threatening illnesses and try and make them happen – admitting it gives him a different perspective on life.

He said: “It's huge. It puts you in your place. You think you’ve got a cold - you’re all, ‘Oh, what about me?’ Then you help these kids. You think of the families. I’ve got children too, and it’s got to be hard.”

Ringo has designed a T-shirt which will be sold throughout Hard Rock International locations, with proceeds benefiting his Lotus Foundation, which directly supports Make-A-Wish.

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