The organisers of the world’s first online-only awards ceremony, "Online Music Awards", have announced that the headline sponsor of this year’s online ceremony is trendy cider brand, St Helier.

Online Music Awards (now known as St Helier Cider Online Music Awards), launched in summer 2010 and pride themselves on celebrating and rewarding unsigned talent. In order to be considered all nominees must be unsigned to a major label and submit original material. The St Helier Cider Online Music Awards team will select five final nominees for each of the seven categories presented. Winners will be announced on June 25th 2011 with the public voting element starting in May.

St Helier Cider Online Music Awards celebrate and reward unsigned talent and all elements including nominations, voting, awards presentation and acceptances take place online. Entrants must be 18+ and global nominations are welcomed.

St Helier will have a significant presence as headline sponsor and winners will be decided via public vote via

St Helier Cider Online Music Awards Founder Chris Mitchell said: “We are thrilled announce St Helier Cider as our headline sponsor. St Helier is a mutually trendy, delicious cider drink that shares an equally young, trendy target audience. The partnership could not have come at a better time with St Helier Cider OMAs positioning itself as a unique awards ceremony and gaining an impressive online following via our social networks.”

InterContinental Brands’ MD John Mills said: “I think these Awards will provide great online exposure for St Helier Cider and a really important opportunity for as yet undiscovered musicians across the industry. Up to now mainstream TV has been the forum for showcasing unsung musical talent and shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent have galvanized audiences and made overnight stars of contestants.

But the digital arena provides a global audience attracted by word of mouth and online activity and which can embrace a multiplicity of musical genres, combining the likes of Grunge, Nu-Metal, Punk, Grime and Hip Hop that do not get exposure on the mainstream TV talent shows, with Europop, Disco, Boy Bands and Girl Bands, which do.”

St Helier Cider Online Music Awards promise big-name presenters for each category at their first ever online ceremony on June 25th.

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