Happy 30th to metal band Queensryche. The Bellevue, Washington band will celebrate the milestone by releasing their 12th studio album ‘Dedicated To Chaos’ later this year.

Queensryche signed with Roadrunner Records in 2010. This will be the band’s first album for the metal label. The current line-up for the band includes original members Geoff Tate. Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson with Parker Lundgren who joined in 2009. (Lundgren is also the son-on-law of signer Geoff Tate.

“Modern life moves fast,” commented Geoff Tate about the album. “Plug into the rhythm of the now with our 12th studio album, Dedicated to Chaos. It’s a clash and slash of musical experimentation anchored by the pulse of digital code.”

The release date for ‘Dedicated To Chaos’ is expected to be mid-year. Queensryche will also tour the album.

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