Bryan Adams five-city tour of India was suddenly cut to only four cities after authorities denied him and his promoters the permission needed to hold the show.

Tour promoters Netsurf Entertainment could not get the "No Objection" certificate from the city's police when it appeared that the proper safety precautions had not been taken and that the tickets for the show had been oversold.

A police official is quoted as saying "We have denied permission for the concert because of security concerns. The place chosen to organise the concert is not suitable for this kind of a programme. ... We denied permission for valid reasons. They didn't have the right security or traffic arrangements in place. Law and order would’ve been a serious issue at this concert."

Adams announced the cancellation himself on his Twitter account, saying "There are so many more people than they expected coming to the show, that they are concerned about security. Police have canceled the New Delhi concert tonight due to public safety."

So far Adams has played the cities of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore and was scheduled to take the stage tonight (Wednesday) in Hyderabad.

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