A lot talk goes down about the relevance of the Grammy Awards each year but the fact is it makes people to buy music. Mumford & Sons have two top 20 hits and a number one album on iTunes following their appearance on the show.

On the US chart today ‘The Cave’ is at no. 6 while ‘Little Lion Man’ has jumped back in at no. 12 while ‘Sign No More’ has been the number one album on the American iTunes chart for the past two days.

Mumford & Sons ‘Sign No More’ has been around for a year but many people have just discovered them because of the Grammy Awards.

That isn’t so unusual. 30 years ago The Doobie Brothers classic ‘Minute By Minute’ took off after the Grammy Awards. So did the Christopher Cross debut album. However, both of those albums won Album of the Year.

In the Mumford & Sons case, they didn’t win anything. They missed out of the two awards they were up for.

People are buying Mumford & Sons en-masse in the USA this week because they liked what they heard. With no more relevant radio in the USA, no more music television, artists and record labels are finding it difficult to break through to the public and create their fans.

The Grammy Awards may just look silly when Lady Gaga dresses up as meat one year and an egg the next but when it showcases real music talent, people do take notice.

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