Doctors says the operation to correct a hole in the heart of Poison singer Bret Michaels was a success.

Michaels was admitted to the St Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix this week for the heart procedure after the hole was discovered when the singer was treated for a brain hemorrhage last April.

Bret Michaels was given a catheter in a vein then doctors used the latest medical equipment including a tiny camera to fix the hole.

The hole is thought to have been the cause of a minor stroke Michaels suffered last year.

The singer suffered the stroke in the final week of his appearances on the reality show The Celebrity Apprentice. He still managed to appear on the show and won the third season competition.

In July last year Bret Michael released his third solo album ‘Custom Built’. This year he will release another album to be called ‘Once A Cowboy, Always A Cowboy’.

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