Congratulations to Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman. The two singers announced their engagement on December 24.

“She said yes,” was how Mr A-Z told fans in a twitter post.

“I did good! Holy Crap! Man of my dreams!!!! For the rest of my life!!!’ was the comment back from Tristan.

The good news comes off the back of a bad news year for Tristan Prettyman after doctor’s discovered a polyp on her vocal chord earlier in the year. It brought her music career on immediate hold. There are still currently no scheduled live dates for Tristan in 2011.

Mraz sat 2010 out from touring and started work on a 4th studio album. Although there has been no official title for the album as yet, Mraz told Spin in August that he was considering calling it ‘The Love Album’. His official website currently features four blocks that appear to spell out the word ‘Love”.

Jason has four gigs scheduled in Brazil in February. He posted on his twitter site yesterday, “working on Portuguese for the songs on Brazil tour. Good people in the front rows beware: I spit”.

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