A host of celebrities have backed a new single to campaign for a peaceful referendum in Sudan.

Ex-Sudanese war child Emmanuel Jal produced a charity single ‘We Want Peace’, with string arrangements by music icon Peter Gabriel, to raise awareness about the forthcoming Sudanese referendum.

Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Richard Branson, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and George Clooney all appear in the video clip for ‘We Want Peace’, which was directed by Gabriel’s daughter Anna.

Annie Lennox and MC Hammer will also support the campaign through Twitter and Facebook.

They are campaigning to ensure a peaceful referendum in Sudan.

Gabriel said in a press release, “I have been horrified at the reports of the potential for civil war in the Sudan after the election. Emmanuel Jal is an inspiring and charismatic young musician and, considering most of the fighting in these wars is actually carried out by young people, I believe Emmanuel's impassioned campaign for peace will be much more likely to reach them.”

The referendum to decide whether Southern Sudan should remain part of Sudan takes place today January 9.

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