GUINNESS has collaborated with critically acclaimed British ‘electro folk’ musician James Yuill, to help bring Christmas to life, by creating a contemporary version of Jingle Bells. Entitled ‘Jingle Pints’, the track features Guinness pint glasses as the main instrument and gives a classic Christmas tune a festive twist.

In the accompanying video, Yuill and friends remix the much loved Christmas tune in the pub by tapping pints of the black stuff filled with varying levels of Guinness. We see James whose major debut album, Turning Down Water for Air, was described by Clash Magazine as "a startling piece of work", take his baton and begin to play the familiar notes on his friend’s pint glasses and gradually the whole pub starts to take notice, come alive and join in. Yuill then picks up his guitar, sampler and synthesizer to bring the song to a crescendo and a festive party spirit into the pub.

To help prove the nation’s conducting prowess, in December 300,000 fans who have signed up to the Guinness online database, will receive their own Guinness festive philharmonic kit including a Guinness branded baton and note card, enabling them to recreate Jingle Bells and other festive tunes with their mates. Fans across the nation are also being encouraged to get together with their mates at home or down the pub and bring Christmas to life by grabbing a baton, pencil or pen and film their own pint glass versions to share with other impresarios at

Commenting on his collaboration with Guinness, James Yuill says: “Being a big fan of the black stuff, it was really cool to be invited to remix such a Christmas classic and I had lots of fun in the process. I’m hoping my version will inspire everyone to join in the festive fun and upload their own versions of Jingle Bells and other Christmas songs to the Guinness Facebook page.”

James Yuill’s ‘Jingle Pints’ can be viewed below: