The new Michael Jackson song ‘Breaking News’ has been confirmed as authentic by numerous sources following questions about the legitimacy of the song.

Jackson’s label Epic Records, producer Teddy Riley and manager Frank Dileo have all confirmed that the vocal is really Michael.

About the new track, Teddy Riley says “I have been working with Michael since 1991. We worked on Dangerous, 
the HIStory album, The Addams Family Values project and then Invincible. Needless to say, we spent months and months in the studio together. The
times I spent with Michael were very important, dear, special, and learning experiences. I studied Michael and everything about him from day one. I know Michael's voice in every range; I've explored Michael’s vocal ability from baritone and tenor to alto and soprano. As the years went by, I've witnessed his tones changing, sometimes up or down. My feeling on the authenticity of his vocals on this album (another masterpiece) are that they were all done by Michael in different places and in different climates. The vocals sounded very polished, very on key and processed. I have no doubts that these are Michael's vocals. I stand for myself with no discrimination”.

According to Frank Dileo, “As Michael Jackson's long time manager and friend, I have first hand Knowledge in determining whether or not it is Michael's voice we 
are hearing on the Cascio tracks. I have no doubt that the voice we are 
hearing on those songs belong to Michael Jackson. I spoke to Michael by 
telephone at the Cascio's home studio several times while he was 
recording with them, and he was excited and enthused by the music and 
the experience. While listening to the tracks, especially the ones not 
heard by the general public, you can hear that he was having a great 

Finally Epic Records confirmed, “We have complete confidence in the results of our extensive research as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael that the vocals on the new album are his own”.

Jackson recorded ‘Breaking News’ in 2007 in New Jersey. It will be featured on an album of previous unreleased song titled ‘Michael’ due in December.

You can hear ‘Breaking News’ now streaming at