Keith Richards has cleared up the long standing rumour that he snorted his father’s ashes in his recently release autobiography.

The story sparked worldwide speculation as to whether or not he actually did it. Articles were written in support of Richards while others derided him for being a cannibal.

“There were two schools of thought,” he writes in his autobiography. “Old pro that I am, I said it was taken out of context. No denying, no admitting. “The truth of the matter” - read my memo to Jane Rose [Richards’ manager] when the story threatened to get out of hand - “is that after having Dad’s ashes in a black box for six years, because I really couldn’t bring myself to scatter him to the winds, I finally planted a sturdy English oak to spread him around. And as I took the lid off of the box, a fine spray of his ashes blew out onto the table. I couldn’t just brush him off, so I wiped my finger over it and snorted the residue. Ashes to ashes, ather to son. He is now growing oak trees and would love me for it.””

So there you have it. The rumours are true, Keith Richards snorted his dad.

The book is full of other brilliant anecdotes told with remarkable prose in a way that only Richards can.

The book is available now in the USA and will be released on Monday, November 1st.