Trudie Styler – who married the singer in 1992 – admits she initially forgave his drunken gossiping but then grew more annoyed when he continued to refer back to his revelation that they enjoyed marathon sex sessions.

She said: “He was doing an interview with Bob Geldof and I think they were actually getting blotto. Sting and I have been doing yoga for so many years and I think what he was saying was that there is a lot of intimacy missed out by people having sex.

“I did say to him, ‘Why couldn’t you have drunk less and said less?’ But I think the lagers were being downed. The next thing I knew he was embellishing and I read that he’d said I did Tantric shopping and that I’d go shopping for give hours and then not buy anything. I told him that wasn’t funny – just stick to your original story and leave me out of it.”

The actress-and-producer is happily married to the ‘Message in a Bottle’ hitmaker – whose real name is Gorden Sumner – but insists she never takes their relationship for granted.

Trudie – who has four children with the star - added to Britain’s Hello! magazine: “I don’t take our marriage for granted and I think that’s important in a long term relationship.”