Axl and co were welcomed onto the Dublin O2 Arena stage in less than welcoming manner with fans booing the band and throwing bottles.

After their rocky Reading and Leeds Festival sets, where the band appeared late on-stage late (a claim which Axl Rose refutes), their current tour seems to be going from bad to worse.

Fans and promoters alike seem to be getting in a huff over Axl led bands performances.

According to The Irish Times Axl and his cohorts walked on-stage at 10.25pm - an hour and a half late, to be greeted by a barrage of boos.

As guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal tried to rouse the crowd by playing the opening riff of 'Welcome To The Jungle', he was met by a further chorus of booing, some "Fuck youse" and the odd bottle.

Watch the video clip below which was taken at the event of the highlights: