Beck will offer three extra songs on the deluxe edition of the Scott Pilgrim VS The World soundtrack.

The Edgar Wright-directed, Michael Cera-led film version of the cult comic already saw Beck write songs for the main character’s band, which will appear on the soundtrack.

But Beck’s just announced that there are some extra songs that didn’t make it into the final cut (and weren’t performed by Scott Pilgrim’s Sex Bob-omb band), which will appear on a deluxe version of the Soundtrack.

The four Sex Bob-omb songs on the soundtrack were written by Beck but were sung by the actors.

The extra three tracks - including one released on the net called ‘Summertime’ - have been sung by Beck.

Outside of Beck’s presence, the soundtrack is still set to be a classic with songs from Frank Black, Broken Social Scene, the Black Lips, Metric, T.Rex, the Rolling Stones and more.