The ‘Rehab’ singer is due to release her third LP – the follow-up to 2006’s phenomenally successful ‘Back to Black’ – but according to her producer Mark Ronson Amy doesn’t have the songs ready for it.

Mark – who masterminded many of the tracks on ‘Back to Black’ - told The Sun: “Amy hasn't begun working on her next record yet.

"When she's got 10 songs we'll go down to the studio together.

"We did a song together last month for a Quincy Jones tribute album that's coming out fairly soon so we've definitely been talking about it."

The pair spent the evening together last night (06.07.10) when they went to the Jazz Cafe, in Camden, north London.

Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse previously claimed his daughter’s album is a "work in progress" but would be out by December.

He said: "I've heard some tracks. She takes a long time to grind out an album. She writes from her own experiences and most of the time they're bittersweet experiences, and that's the problem."

Bosses at Amy’s label Island Records have also stated the LP would be out before the end of 2010.