Could Brian Wilson really be preparing to rejoin the Beach Boys for a series of 50th Anniversary concerts? Entertainment reporter Robin Leech thinks so.

Leech recently interviewed Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love. “The Beach Boys are gearing up for next year’s 50th anniversary, and Mike Love told me that his cousin, founder and longtime member Brian Wilson, is reuniting with them for celebration concerts,” Leech wrote in the Las Vegas Sun.

Brian Wilson, his brother’s Carl and Dennis, cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine formed the Beach Boys in 1961. Dennis died in 1983, Carl in 1998.

Brian stopped performing with the band in 1964 and concentrated on their studio work. He remained a member of the Beach Boys through to 1970 but withdrew completely in 1970 for three years and stayed the majority of that time in his bedroom.

After undergoing treatment from Dr. Eugene Landy in 1975, Wilson rejoined the group and recorded the album ’15 Big Ones’.

In 1985, he joined the band on stage at Live Aid to perform.

In 1988, he finally launched a solo career and gradually through the 90s overcame his fear of performing.

If Leech is correct (and his credibility is rock solid) it sounds like the Beach Boys shows with Brian Wilson will happen next year.