Strummerville will be kicking off this year's festival tour at their natural home, Glastonbury festival. They will be lighting the campfire (the biggest campfire at Glastonbury) Thursday night and keep it burning till Monday morning.

Situated in the Unfair Ground field in the exact same spot where Joe Strummer used to have his fire, the strummerville campfire sessions will start at midnight every night and will run until 3am. Confirmed acoustic performances from bands include a mixture of Strummerville supported bands and bands who are fans of Joe Strummer himself, such as: The Drums, I Blame Coco, Beans on Toast, Handshake, Sound of Rum, Ali Love, Lissie, Fionn Regan, Frank Turner, Depot, Nat Jenkins and many, many more (some who can't be announced!).

No times will be announced for any performance, the best way to find out is to swing by and say hi during the day to find out who's playing that night, rest your feet on our many sofas, grab a tea from the cafe or take part in our drumming workshops.

For Joe Strummer, the idea of a "campfire" - any loose assembly of people bonded by the rising flames and the advancing dawn - became an art form in itself.

"We're here to provide warmth, encourage conversation, listen to amazing music and generally spread the love. Everybody's welcome." - Strummerville