Billy Corgan and his all-new Smashing Pumpkins band are inviting a select group of fans to their soundcheck.

“We are going to do something unique, which is play an invite-only set during sound check of almost all new, unreleased songs,” says Billy at the band’s website. “We're still figuring out a way to make it possible for some of the fans who'll be in the line outside waiting to get in for that.”

The current Smashing Pumpkins line-up was completed last month when bass player Nicole Fiorentino, formerly of Veruca Salt, joined the band.

“I haven't been this comfortable in a band situation since about 1995. Musically, we seem to have wound our way back to a more kinetic, electric, and psychedelic sound that reminds me of SP in Gish-Siamese era,” Billy says.

Smashing Pumpkins will start their tour in Cleveland on July 6. Corgan has also announced at the Smashing Pumpkins website that they will also tour South America and Australia later in the year.