ADAMSKI has recycled, re-recorded and revamped his classic, influential album 'liveandirect' to mark the 20th anniversary of its release, and is now touring as ADAMSKI for the first time in years.

This also coincides with the 20th birthday celebrations of the 2nd (or was it the 3rd?) summer of love, 1989 the year when Adam made a name for himself playing a unique live instrumental hybrid of techno, house and electro at most of the legendary clubs and raves that shaped dance culture as we know it today: Sunrise, Biology, Energy, London's Shoom, Manchester's Hacienda, Amnesia in Ibiza, Glasgow's Subclub etc)

The new version of the album however is not 'live': Adam uses the original equipment, riffs and melodies in conjunction with state of the art software and a contemporary feel to produce 'VILE ACID RENT' (which is an anagram of the original title) and in spite of its nostalgic undertones manages to sound as fresh as anything else that's out there now.

It also includes a completely rethought and inst-ra-mental version of Adamski's massive 'Killer' and a mashed-up version of his 1999 club anthem 'One of the People' featuring New Jersey house-star Gerideau on vocals....

The album will be released this summer on Germanys Major records (home of Ladytron, Niamx etc)...