Kings of Leon’s UK tour is reportedly in doubt because the band are rowing over singer Caleb Followill’s heavy drinking.

The ‘Sex On Fire’ rockers came to blows after the frontman went on an excessive binge and now the other three members, Caleb’s brothers Nathan and Jared, and his cousin Matthew are refusing to speak to him.

A source said: “The others have warned Caleb over and over again that they weren’t happy about his drinking. “The lads have always fought but they usually sort it out the next morning. Things are completely different this time.

“The record label is deeply concerned that if they don’t sort out their differences the tour won’t go ahead.”

Bassist Jared recently revealed the band’s drunken fights can get so bad their security guards have to separate them. Jared, 23, said: “We wouldn’t have security guards if it wasn’t for Caleb. More than anything they protect us from each other.

“The only time we fight is when Caleb’s drunker than he’s ever been, so it’s not really him. He wakes up and doesn’t remember any of it.”

Caleb has admitted he gets so wasted he turns into his drunken alter-ego ‘The Rooster’. He said: “I hate it man, whenever the word ‘Rooster’ is involved, you can wake me up and I think life is great and have zero memory of what happened.”