Sir Harry Cowell and Lou Mullenger, colleagues of Maltese Entertainment Company Batista Leisure Group, have been working on a very exciting project.

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today 30th September launched a joint promotion with Mr. Superfly Ltd to rescue the pop charts.

Passengers who have travelled with Ryanair since 1st April will be familiar with the Ryanair Trolley Song'; the perky tune that alerts you to the arrival of the trolleys during flights. This song itself has already become quite a talking point with passengers who instantly recognized its appeal.

However, you may not yet be familiar with 'Mr. Superfly.' He is a fly with superpowers living in the parallel fly universe or 'Flyspace'. He came into being when one of Ryanair’s 58 million passengers heard the in-flight music and liked it so much they decided to make a single based on the tune.

The passenger in question was actually a 7 year-old girl, who incessantly whistled, hummed and sang the tune for so long after a recent flight. Her mother, songwriter Lou Mullenger, immediately saw the commercial potential of the music and decided to remake the song with new lyrics and an exciting animated video.

Mr. Superfly is already creating a real buzz and is being released into the charts on November 10th and can be pre ordered on An animated television series and children's book have been commissioned and are already in production. They will see our winged hero battling off mechanical invaders and saving historic landmarks across 'Flyspace'. For a preview of what to expect over the coming months, fly on over to

This agreement Mr. Superfly will see Ryanair promote sales of the tune, mobile ringtones and Mr. Superfly merchandise across its entire fleet of 167 aircraft and on Announcing the collaboration Ryanair’s Deputy Chief Executive Michael Cawley said:

“Were delighted to team up with Mr. Superfly Ltd in the promotion of the Mr.Superfly song and its associated products on board and on Exposure to Ryanair’s 58 million passengers is certain to make the song a massive commercial success and rescue the pop charts”

For more information on Mr Superfly please contact Robert Hurst of Quite Great Publicity on 01223 410000 or

Sir Harry and Ms Mullenger have collaborated over song projects and vocal showcases in Malta over the last 12 months.