Eastern European Cultures Celebrated Throughout England at the LoveDifference Festival on the 7th, 20th and 28th September

This September European Alternatives presents a one-off series of exceptional and unique day-long mini-festivals in London, Northampton and Bristol to mark the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

In a celebration of Central and Eastern European culture, LoveDifference Festival brings the best contemporary music, video, art and film from the UK and Europe to three diverse English towns and cities, each of which has a unique recent experience of European immigration.

Mixing UK acts such as The Blessing and hot London electronica sensation Christopher D Ashley with successful Central European acts such as Muzykoterapia (Poland) and Ohm Square (Czech Republic), as well as artists, writers and filmmakers such as TS Eliot prize-winning poet George Szirtes (Hungary/UK), legendary British filmmaker Ken Loach and Polish artist Joanna Rajkowska (famous for installing a palm tree on Jerusalem Avenue in Warsaw) the festival celebrates cultural exchange and innovation like no other festival is even attempting.

The Festival also brings together different cultural and political movements and organisations in England and Europe, including the cultural representations of Poland and Hungary, Pulse Festival of Eastern European music, the Watershed Cinema in Bristol and the Northampton Arts Collective.

With a political as well as cultural edge, the LoveDifference Festival is a long overdue, updated take on an old-fashioned debate to promote a new European ideal of culture, travel, youth and exchange. It pulls European discussion away from the grey corridors of Brussels into exciting fresh and young venues such as Cargo in London and The Fishmarket Gallery in Northampton.

In the firm belief that cultural diversity is to be celebrated and cherished, LoveDifference Festival aims to promote the benefits and inspirations that a diverse and unique community can have. Creating a bridge for UK understanding of European cultures and arts, food and lifestyles, LoveDifference Festival is at the forefront of understanding across borders and The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

Details of each of the events:

London, 7th September, Cargo: (http://www.cargo-london.com/)
Northampton, 20th September, The Fishmarket Gallery: (www.fishmarketgallery.co.uk)
Bristol, 28th September, The Council Building and the Trinity Centre (www.3ca.org.uk)