Amazingtunes, with a firm commitment to “Music you’re about to love” launches today offering unsigned artists a Fair Trade policy which empowers bands and individuals to cut out the label and take charge of their music sales.

The ethos of this innovative company is rooted in benefits for the customer as well as for artists and offers acts up to 70% share of royalties which is a far greater return than most other download sites. By purchasing a track through amazingtunes you will be directly supporting your favorite artist(s), particularly important if they are an unsigned act or relatively new artist

Since it’s soft launch in 2007 the site has seen a 42% increase in users and a 50% increase in artists and has recruited over 6,000 bands and the equivalent number in new tunes. Hailed as ‘i-tunes unsigned’ it aims to cut out the record label middlemen and offers anyone talented a shot at the big time. Set to revolutionize the music industry the site combines the technical aspects of i-tunes with the social networking possibilities of Myspace As well as uploading their work, users are able to post their own profiles and recommendations, review songs and even create their own radio shows.

The site will open up a whole new world which empowers music fans to share and interact with fellow creatives and music lovers – Its more than just a music delivery service, it’s a place where recommendations from trusted sources and sharing experiences with your mates and peers are a necessary part of the selection process. All recommendations including featured artist favourites and links to artist’s influences also provide options to purchase making it a compelling destination for music communities set on exploring new sounds and discovering music they’re about to love.

With a firm two fingers held up to manufactured pop, amazingtunes prides itself on providing a platform for innovation and creativity and an open forum for musicians and bands to not only showcase their music but to sell it and retain 70% of the profit.
Having been steadily gathering pace over recent months the pioneering site is a set to empower musicians with a unfaltering focus on creating a solid community for unsigned artists, of all genres, and a trusted resource for anyone looking for hot new talent; from promoters to labels, DJs to fanatics this is a truly revolutionary site for the world of music.