Aerosmith is a looking at a possible $20 Million dollar lawsuit for their abrupt cancellation of a show at the Maui War Memorial Stadium.

The band's PR firm said the show was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with a rescheduled show in Chicago.

Sleaze Roxx says: A local lawyer suing the rock band Aerosmith said dozens of fans have already contacted her about their losses.

A lawsuit filed against the group said the band's late cancellation of its Maui concert last month was unnecessary and caused many fans to lose money they spent on plane tickets, car rentals and hotels.

Lisa Sanchez is the first fan suing. She lost $120 in airfare. Her lawyer said many have said they lost much more.

Fans may be eligible for a minimum $1,000 each if Aerosmith's cancellation is found to be deceptive, Faria said.

If the class-action is approved by a judge, all ticket-buyers will be contacted.

The Maui War Memorial Stadium holds 20,000 people. So Aerosmith could be looking at a $20 Million dollar fine!

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