Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner finally went public with his relationship with TV presenter Alexa Chung at the Q Awards on Monday

The singer, who began dating the stunning brunette in July, celebrated his group's Best Band In The World Today award by canoodling with Alexa at London's exclusive Met Bar, while his bandmates dined in sushi restaurant Nobu.

A source said: "It was a long day at the awards, and the boys wanted to recharge their batteries with a meal.

"But they couldn't convince Alex to come with them, he wanted to be with Alexa.

"They walked into the bar together holding hands and didn't seem to care who saw them together."

Onlookers claim the pair were "all over each other" as they danced

Later, Alex and Alexa joined his bandmates - Jamie Cook, Matt Helders and Nick O'Malley - at members-only bar Bungalow 8, where they sat around a secluded table.

A source added: "When they thought they had a bit more privacy, Alexa was all over Alex. She was straddling him in the corner."

The pair were first linked in July after getting together at Scotland's T In The Park festival.

However, 'T4' presenter Alexa laughed off the rumours as she was dating Lostprophets star Ian Watkins at the time.

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