Marillion fans were ecstatic with news that Fish had rejoined some of his former Marillion mates on stage last month. This led some to speculate that the band would regroup with Fish but he now says it was a "one off" event as he releases a new album.

Fish joined some of his former Marillion bandmates, Mark Kelly, Steve Rothery, Ian Mosley and Pete Trewavas for a performance of "Market Square Heroes" last Sunday. He tells fans that this was just a one time reunion on his official website. Here is part of what he had to say: "Just to say I had a fantastic time in Aylesbury this weekend. Any rumours of reunions are completely unfounded and to be honest a wee bit ridiculous. I didn't want to make a big deal out of the affair and to be seen to be exploiting what was purely an opportunity for 5 great friends to get together and perform in a spiritual home. An opportunity that couldn't be missed. If anything it goes to prove that we are actually mates and not in rival opposing camps as some try to make out. I've got nothing but respect for H and the boy does a damn good job with the band, long may they continue."

Meanwhile Fish releases "13th Star" his new studio album featuring ten original tracks - "Circle Line", "Square Go", "Miles de Besos", "Zöe 25", "Arc of the Curve", "Manchmal", "Openwater", "Dark Star", "Where in the World?" and "13th Star". Produced by Calum Malcolm (Blue Nile/Prefab Sprout/Simple Minds/Nazareth) the album is released as a 10,000 limited edition CD in a 3 panel digipak together with a bonus DVD of "The Making of 13th Star" (64 mins).

Read gig review here.
Read Fish interview here.

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