Seven local bands have pooled their collective might to organise a charity music festival over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of September in the courtyard of the King’s Head in Aylesbury. But this is a charity event with a difference; entrance to all four sessions, taking place from 1-3pm and 8-11pm on both days, is entirely free.

The festival is the result of an idea hatched by Martin Kent, a member of the band, Bridgefield, one of the bands participating. As Mart says, “we were very keen to do something worthwhile for charity, and when we approached the Kings Head, Claire Bignell the landlady, suggested we get the Chiltern Brewery, licensees of the pub, to sponsor the event rather than sell tickets. The idea seemed too good to turn down, so we have developed it from there, asking for further corporate sponsors to come forward and for individual personal pledges. This has enabled us to make the whole weekend a free, walk-in, live-rock party for everyone to enjoy”. Mart continues, “I’m not pretending that there wont be collecting cans waved under the festival-goers noses, but contributions will be entirely voluntary”.

The charity benefiting from the event, named “The Weekender Rocks”, is Kid’s Company, an amazing organisation that is providing shelter, counselling and rehabilitation for children who have been the victims of physical or mental abuse. Kid’s Co has been actively reported in the national press recently in connection with the work being done with disturbed youngsters who are enmeshed in the murky world of inner city gangs. The amazing work of this charity is explained further at their web-site

The Weekender Rocks is being staged with the help of the Aylesbury Showcase and Jam Central Records. It promises to be quite a weekend, with Gareth Lloyd, DJ at BBC Three Counties Radio taking the reins as MC, introducing seven of the classiest acts in the area; Bridgefield, Loz Jones, Juxstar, Lightbox, Dream Capture, Medium Dave and Touchstone. The bands’ wide variety of styles will ensure that there is something there for rock lovers of all ages.

Mart would like to hear from companies who would like to support the event with sponsorship or from individuals wishing to make a pledge. All sponsors/pledgemakers will be given the opportunity to make a dedication/publication in the festival program. Full details are available at The Weekender Rocks myspace site:, or if you are not a MySpacer, contact Mart directly at

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