It's all stacking up for Zico Chain - a pilgrimage through New Mexico to complete the debut album; the live show bigged up by childhood heroes Duff and Slash; opening Download at Donnington; US label execs booking trips to Shoreditch council estates to meet them; being tipped as frontrunners of the new rise of Brit Rock. Does it get any better?

Well, yes it does - Zico Chain's new single "Anaemia" is the rawest of riffs championing the long way to the top for the underdog. “Anaemia” follows the Radio One Rock Show Record Of The Week “Where Would You Rather Be?”, and is due for online release 9th July and physical (ltd 7”) 23rd July.

Zico Chain are three lads in their early twenties, who have distilled the punk riffola of Motorhead, the druggy vision of QOTSA, the musical skills of the White Stripes, and a 21st century homegrown social consciousness. It’s a potent brew, worthy of a hard-rocking, hard-living, hard-thinking east London outfit.

Zico live to tour and tour to live, and have just confirmed a 19 date tour of the UK alongside brother britrockers Flood Of Red and The Ghost Of A Thousand. The three bands will play a rotating headline bill during July and August.

Date are:

25th Stoke Sugarmill
26th Manchester Satans Hollow
27th Liverpool Carling Academy
28th Nottingham Rock City
29th Derby Vic Inn
31st Cardiff Barfly

1st Bristol Carling Academy
2nd Trowbridge Terry’s
3rd Plymouth White Rabbit
4th Yeovil Collision Course Festival
5th Leeds Collision Course Festival
7th Sheffield Leadmill
8th Birmingham Carling Academy
9th Glasgow Barfly
10th Aberdeen Tunnels
11th Arbroath Viewfield Hotel
13th Newcastle Carling Academy
14th York Fibbers
15th London Barfly

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