The Jonas Brothers spoke out against bullying during a heartfelt speech at the Teen Choice Awards in California on Sunday.

Brothers Kevin, 31, Joe, 29, and 26-year-old Nick collected the Decade Award and Choice Summer Group nods at the event, hosted by actress Lucy Hale and YouTube star David Dobrik.

As they accepted their award, they revealed the qualities they were targeted for by bullies as kids helped make them famous.

“They hired me because they liked my frosted tips,” Kevin shared. “The same haircut that got me called ‘p**s head’ is what started my actual career, and it’s also the reason I’m standing on this stage, receiving this award today.”

Nick revealed his teachers bullied him because of his Broadway career at a young age, adding: “My teachers yelled at me: ‘Stop drawing attention to yourself.’

"I had enough self-doubt as it was, I didn’t need to be told how little I really was... But if I had stopped what I was doing that moment... I wouldn’t be here today, receiving this award.”

“The reason we’re telling you these stories is the first award we ever won was a Teen Choice Award,” Kevin went on to share. “I think for all of us, the thing that’s most important is that we share with you that those things that you feel like you’re singled out about, that you’re bullied about, that define you in your teen years, can become the thing that make you special. It’s your gift. It’s your power.”

Joe wrapped up the speech with a message of encouragement: "Embrace those things!"