The 57-year-old singer - who has sons Wyatt, 12, and nine-year-old Levi - thinks her lifestyle of raising her young family and being on the road with her band is "pretty nice" and she's grateful to be able to spend her time the way that she does.

She said: "Partying these days is very different, but I'm lucky I still get to lead a 'young' life.

"My ids are young so I'm seeing everything for the first time through their eyes but I'm also still in a band.

"I hang out with my bandmates, and after we go on stage and play, we drink beers, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos. It's a pretty nice life."

Since adopting her sons, the 'If It Makes You Happy' hitmaker has forged a whole new friendship group and is very close to this "amazing tribe" of women.

She told Red magazine: "I've met many of my closest friends through my kids - they have children of a similar age and we've all grown up together.

"They're a great tribe of women and those friendships are pretty solid because we're living the same lives, with the exception that I go out of town sometimes to play music."

Wyatt and Levi love to be outdoors and play sport, and though Sheryl likes to join in, she admitted she can't always "keep up" with them.

She said: "We love to play ping pong together. They are also into basketball and I do try to keep up with them but I'm not so great.

"We're outdoorsy, swim a lot, and both my boys like to fish in the creek that runs through our front yard."