Selena Gomez lost "chunks" of her fake hair in a death scene on the set of The Dead Don't Die.

The pop superstar's character, Zoe, meets a gruesome end in director Jim Jarmusch's new zombie comedy, and acting out the scene proved to be more than a little hair-raising for Gomez and her co-star Adam Driver.

"It's funny and weird and I get my head chopped off...," she shared of the movie.

"It was actually really awkward (filming the sequence). It was funny, but... basically I had prosthetics and (Driver) had to grab a chunk of my hair, and I had extensions in at the time, and just chunks of it would slowly come out.

"He was just sitting there grabbing it and I had to (act like her head had been chopped off). It was weird."

Despite the odd scene, Gomez loved having the opportunity to collaborate with the quirky filmmaker, especially as the storyline is partly a commentary on the impact modern technology has had on society.

"Jim Jarmusch is one of the greatest, insane, cool directors, so I was really honoured to work with him for this," she gushed, "but the whole concept of having these zombie-like characters is cool because it actually is a play on how we've become zombies to technology or... something that people fixate on... It's interesting."

The Dead Don't Die, which also stars Bill Murray, Chloe Sevigny, and Steve Buscemi, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France last month (May19) and opened in U.S. cinemas last week (ends14Jun19).