KT Tunstall joined Danielle Perry in the studio backstage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2019 and talked about wanting to shine a light on women in the studio, and how she’s worked out setting herself artificial deadlines enables her to be a more prolific writer. It was a trip down memory lane for KT coming back to play the Isle of Wight Festival after ten years, and she reflected on the mad memories in that time. It’s good to have you back KT!

On shining a light on women in the studio:-
“I’m not quite sure what to do about production on this album - I’m still having a look around, looking for some ladies to choose from to be honest because it’s something I feel pretty passionate about. Certainly in the studio world, just to try and shine a light on more women being in the studio cause it’s really rare. For my third record I did a writing session with Linda Perry in LA and that was amazing. We wrote a couple of really good songs together. She’s the queen yeah she’s an amazing force in popular music she’s incredible. So, just more of that please.”

On needing deadlines to write great music:-
“I’ve worked out there’s things that I can do that really help me and certainly having deadlines is really important. Sometimes I’ll set a completely arbitrary date for when I’ve gotta finish something because I know that, it’s the same as when as I at school basically. If I’ve got an exam I’m not gonna do any work until three days beforehand, maybe one day beforehand, and my brain works, I just tend to perform better if there’s pressure. It makes me dig harder I think. So, for me that’s that the way forward for me really making music, is that always make sure that I’ve got, I can see an end point that I’ve got to get to and I’ll make some good stuff.”

Being back at the Isle of Wight Festival after ten years:-
“It’s just amazing coming back and playing Isle of Wight because it’s at least 10 years since I played here. When that happens and you come back and play somewhere that you’ve played before ages ago, you just think about all the life and the music and the adventures that you’ve had. It’s mad.”

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