Speaking to Free Radio presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford at Free Radio Hits Live at the Arena Birmingham, Louis Tomlinson revealed that despite being a major solo artist now, with hits such as ‘Just Hold On’, ‘Miss You’ and his new single ‘Two Of Us’, the 27 year old will always have a place in One Direction.

Louis on what he misses about One Direction:-
"Probably touring that’s why I’m excited to perform today and excited to get out and spend time touring the world as that’s probably the best thing about being an artist."

Louis on which celebrity he would be:-
"I’ll go close to home Niall Horan, he doesn’t worry about anything in the world. Irish accent, I’m not too bad because I spend a lot of time with Niall."

Louis on ‘Two Of Us’ video featuring 83-year-old Richard Green:-
“He is honestly one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met, I was so in awe of him, 83, and to have that outlook on life. He was an amazing guy, really funny as well.

“His outlook in general is what I took from that whole experience, he recently lost his wife but his outlook was so positive and there was a lot of people and sit and dwell and be sad about those kind of things but he was the exact opposite so upbeat and fun up for anything”