Country star and actress Jana Kramer has poked fun at her husband Mike Caussin while "struggling" to recover from a vasectomy.

The former American football player went under the knife for the male sterilisation procedure on Wednesday (17Apr19), just four months after the couple became parents to its second child, son Jace.

Jana took to her Instagram Story timeline to share the news with fans, and had a giggle at how he was coping with the pain post-surgery.

"So, Mike got a vasectomy today and he's laying in the room with peas on his balls...," she said in the video. "It's kinda funny!"

She then shared footage of her man resting in bed with a glass of wine as he held a bag of frozen vegetables against his crotch.

"I am dying!!!!! He has pees (sic). On. His. Balls," she captioned the post.

"I'm actually struggling," Mike admitted, when asked how he's feeling.

Jana went on to reveal her husband had helped himself to the powerful painkillers she had been prescribed following her caesarean section to help numb the pain from his operation.

"I think the funniest thing about all this is that he took my medicine, my strong medicine, from my C-section from when I had a baby cut out of me, but yet he gets a little, little cut out of his balls...," she remarked, as Mike insisted it wasn't as small an incision as she was suggesting.

Jokingly urging his wife to back off, Mike sarcastically commented, "(I'm feeling) great, fantastic. Nothing's wrong at all... Leave me alone!"

The vasectomy news comes days after Jana insisted they were happy with their new family-of-four, which includes three-year-old daughter Jolie, although they were not ruling out exploring other ways to add to their brood in the future.

"He has a vasectomy appointment scheduled next week, so we're done," the star recently told Us Weekly. "But we might adopt later in life."

"It's been fun," she added of adapting to becoming a mother-of-two. "There are so many times, even when it's a chaotic day..., our family of four (is) everything I ever dreamed and wanted and we're doing it. I love it. The house is a mess. We're just going, we're living life and it's together."

The couple has been married since May, 2015, but briefly split in 2016 after Mike's infidelity scandal.